The entire SDSM leadership, Parthenius from Bigorski, MoI employees: Who should go into isolation because of Spasovski’s positive test?

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After the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski informed that he tested positive for the coroanvirus, the question arises with whom he has been in contact for the past few days and whether they will go into isolation. What can be seen from the photos is that Spasovski had a busy agenda and was probably the carrier of the virus and could easily have infected many.

What is especially important is that Spasovski participated in the SDSM Congress yesterday. Although it took place online, the entire SDSM leadership was in one room.

So it can be seen that Spasovski had contact with Zoran, Zaev, Ljupco Nikolovski and Radmila Sekerinska. None of them have masks and therefore should be ordered to go into self-isolation. But that is unlikely to happen.

A few days ago, Spasovski was in the company of Archimandrite Parthenius Abbot of the Bigorski Monastery where he received an award. Both of them were not wearing masks.

Yesterday, the Minister together with the Minister of Agriculture Arianit Hoxha and several diplomats planted trees on Lake “Mladost” near Veles. The Minister should answer whether he planted trees while waiting for the test results and whether he thus endangered all those present because he received the positive test only in the evening.