Stoilkovski: The main ones for preventing high corruption have been silent for whole week about Zaev putting his hand on the state’s mineral resources

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Zoran Zaev behaves like a classic feudal lord, and Macedonia should be his field in Murtino. From the position of Prime Minister, through voting of his ministers, who he elects and appoints himself, distributes state resources to his companies, this was stated today through a press conference by Naum Stoilkovski from VMRO-DPMNE.

He adds that Zoran Zaev himself points out that he lives in a family community, that in the family they are together with Bate Vice and Bate Trajche, they are together in the companies, they even have everything in common, even the vehicles, like the engine that Zoran Zaev drives around the country, is that on behalf of family companies.

Now Zoran Zaev issues 30-year concessions to the family companies led by Bate Vice and Bate Trajche, provides them with raw materials, and thus financial benefit. Classical corruption; classic feudal relationship.

– All effort that enables Zaevi to rule the state mineral resources, their exploitation, with the ultimate goal of enriching Zaev is made extremely non-transparent and hidden from the public eye. There are no minutes from the government session, nor is it mentioned in the announcement from the government session. Zaev simply appropriates the mineral wealth at the age of 30 and we find out about it if we read the Official Gazette! Zaev is a classic feudal lord who allocates the mineral wealth in Macedonia to his family companies. Zaev is the source of criminal behavior, Zaev is the center of high corruption in Macedonia, and Zaev will have to answer for that, said Stoilkovski.