Zaev will solve Goce Delchev same as he solved the name issue in Nivitsi

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A solution to the issue of Goce Delchev following the example of the renunciation of the name Republic of Macedonia is in sight, after the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced that he is convinced of solution in which the Republic of Bulgaria will be satisfied.

– I am convinced that there is good chance, every open issue, even in relation to Goce Delchev, to find solution in a way that both sides will be satisfied. Through open process of cooperation, we have shown that we can overcome the contentious issues of the past and unite around what is common to the future of the two countries, and that is enhanced cooperation, partnership and mutual trust. Delchev cannot separate us, Delchev acted for advanced ideas that connect, said the Prime Minister in his yesterday’s interview for the portal Local.

If we look at the example of how the disputed issues were previously resolved, we can be sure that Prime Minister Zaev will accept the Bulgarian demands for the greatest Macedonian hero, Goce Delchev.

We should not have dilemma here, because the one who gives up the red lines first, means that he was the first to give in to the dispute and that the only thing that follows is negotiations for the final solution that will be imposed by the other side.

We see the same scenario again as in the dispute with Greece, when the Macedonian government led by Prime Minister Zaev gave in to the dispute, after they first came up with the proposal Republic of Ilinden Macedonia, let the Greek side know that it has already given up its red lines, and is ready to give in.

The same thing is happening now. Prime Minister Zaev offered solution in which Goce Delchev should be both Macedonian and Bulgarian revolutionary. This means that as in the case of Greece, so now with Bulgaria he is the first to announce that he is giving in.

This means that we should soon expect the acceptance of the Bulgarian demands, ie Bulgaria which claims that the Macedonian people are part of the Bulgarian, and Goce Delchev is a Bulgarian revolutionary. This destroys the foundation of the modern Macedonian state and identity that are built around the character and work of Goce Delchev, work that through ASNOM was founded in the creation of the Macedonian state in 1991.