Janushev to Ruskoska: The coin has two sides, right prosecutor?

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As evidence, Ruskovska submitted expert opinion from a neuro-psychiatrist in which it was written that she has anger towards the defendants, anxiety, and worry.

Let someone tell her that there is no citizen in the Republic of Macedonia who does not feel the same towards her, and I am sure that it would not be lie to say that much more! Moreover, not only to her, but also to everyone who is part of the mafia.

Maybe it is good for all of us to file lawsuits, m?

In addition, one more thing, if the chief prosecutor feels fear and anger towards VMRO, it means that her objectivity in her work is seriously questioned, which in turn is a basic principle of work for a prosecutor. And when she talks about her feelings, let her ask about the feelings of those mothers, sisters, parents whose children are unjustly persecuted and politically persecuted.

The coin has two sides, right prosecutor?