Instead of helping the poorest, the Government procures lubricants and condoms

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Poverty, unemployed citizens, increased taxes, real picture in Macedonia. Due to the pandemic COVID – 19, over 40,000 citizens lost their jobs, most factories closed, electricity bills increased

At a time of lack of money, the government, specifically the Ministry of Health, announced a tender for the supply of 150.000 condoms, 37.000 condoms with increased durability and 50.000 lubricants.

This is happening when there is economic and health crisis. Macedonia has the worst picture in the region in terms of COVID-19, the Minister announces tenders that do not help this epidemic that rules and the second wave is on the verge. In Macedonia so far there are over 17.000 people infected with the virus and over 700 dead.

Namely, last year the Minister of Health, Venko Filipche, instead of therapy for rare diseases, procured 150.000 condoms and 80.000 lubricants. In addition, a few months ago, in October last year, the Government procured 20.000 bottles of lubricants.