Zdravkovski: Under Ljupcho Nikolovski, the biggest bribe of voters was carried out, with 1 billion, money that should be returned by the people

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Ljupco Nikolovski is the man behind Zoran Zaev, Secretary General of SDSM, who organized all election irregularities and all party bribery, he is not the person who can be Deputy Prime Minister for Fighting Corruption, said at today’s press conference Igor Zdravkovski from VMRO -DPMNE.

In addition, we integrally convey you the entire press conference of Zdravkovski:

Under the baton of Ljupco Nikolovski as Secretary General of SDSM, the biggest bribe was carried out in independent Macedonia, where as much as one billion euro that the Government takes as loan and that the citizens will have to repay were spent on buying votes.

While Nikolovski was Minister of Agriculture, the biggest criminal embezzlement in that sector happened to him. Namely, in the period from September 21, 2017 to October 1, 2018, Kire Nedelkovski, a party activist of SDSM and man close to Nikolovski and Zaev, embezzled as much as 300,000 euros of money from tobacco growers from the Tobacco Union. The tobacco growers reacted and informed Zoran Zaev and Ljupчоo Nikolovski, as the then Minister of Agriculture, with a letter supported by documents and facts, but there was no reaction.

Kire Nedelkovski not only walks free, but also is also promoted by this Government and appointed member of the Board of the Agency for Promotion and Development of Agriculture.

Ljupco Nikolovski did not deal with corruption and crime in the ministry he headed, so we cannot even expect that he will deal with corruption and crime throughout the country, on the contrary he will promote it!