VMRO-DPMNE Commission for Education and Science: High school students slap the Government

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The high school students slapped the Government, reacted the VMRO – DPMNE Commission for education and science.

The combined teaching module that VMRO-DPMNE proposed as option in its plan to start the school year, the Government a priori rejected without any explanation.

Today, high school students are looking for exactly that teaching module. It was quite logical and predictable that this would happen and the Government would have known that it must not reject combined education only if it had the virtue to look at the polls conducted by some media and NGOs and not conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Many students, even students, were left without technical means to follow distance learning, the state did not help them. Schools and teachers are without technical means for teaching. Distance learning was not equally well implemented everywhere. Some students had “telephone instruction”.

Now that the SDSM Government has decided that high school students will study only online and in environments where the risk of infection with COVID-19 is low, the same problems remain again. Some principals suggest to teachers and professors that they should work with their own personal computer. The internet connection from the schools, despite the attempts to strengthen them, is weak in most of them. Many teachers were left without training. There are no electronic textbooks. In fact, there is a shortage of printed textbooks.

It is obvious that high school students are more ready for education than those who need to organize it.

Chaos reigns in education and if chaos is known the day after in the morning, it will continue to reign.

Spotlight in the dark:

Students love learning and knowledge! Make it possible for them!, reads the Facebook post of the VMRO-DPMNE Commission for Education and Science.