Dukoski: Boki’s phone has not been subject to expertise at all, it has a lot of photos and conversations

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We submitted three requests for the expertise of Bojan Jovanovski on the phone, but we were rejected with the explanation that they have done it the needs of the indictment and that we had insight into that. The truth is that that famous phone has not been subject to expertise and especially not by xpert person, says the lawyer Sasho Dukoski in the interview for “Republika”.

He explains that the investigator, who calls himself forensic scientist, also admitted that he was unlicensed and that he did not perform expert examination, but analyzed only three images.

There are many things in Boki’s phone that would create different factual situation, photos and conversations. I think that the Prosecution will collapse rather than allow the phone to be examined – Dukoski is convinced.

The Pandora box that Boki announced, Dukoski hopes will be opened if the politicians appear as witnesses in court.