MPs will be able to discuss and vote from home

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Due to the crisis with Covid-19, the plenary sessions of the Assembly have been “moved” to the dome hall, where it is easier to maintain physical distance between the MPs, while the technical Government has been sitting online for the last few months.

A platform is being prepared in the Parliament so that the MPs can work and decide from home or from their offices, said the newly elected MP of SDSM and current Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Manchevski.

“Parliament is already working on platform where MPs can work and decide from home or from their offices, which is also big challenge. The services work on this and I believe that no later than the end of September it will be possible,“ said Manchevski, who today participated in informal joint meeting with MP and International Secretary of VMRO-DPMNE, Timcho Mucunski and Bojan Kordalov, public relations specialist and Coordinator of the Transparency and Digitalization Program of the Institute for Good Governance and Euro-Atlantic Perspectives (IDUEP).

The Government, pointed out Manchevski, is now working online and those changes to the Rules of Procedure were adopted long ago.

Regarding the new parliamentary majority, Mucunski said after the meeting that it was practically the same coalition that had ruled for the last three years and that it was ungrateful to make predictions about how long it would last.

“Simply, the citizens should see if that coalition has realized the expectations from the previous three-year term and that in itself will give them an answer as to what expectations they should have for the same Government.” I think there will be no high realization of expectations. “The unstable parliamentary majority will mean that the daily politicization will be at much higher level than solving the current problems,” Mucunski said, despite today’s announcement by VMRO-DPMNE that the new Government will be short-lived.