Dimitrieska Kochoska: In the Euro standard affair, over 20 million euros in loans have been distributed to Strumica companies close to the Government

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– The collapse of Euro standard Bank, the second TAT, is affair worth about 200 million euro, as much as the assets of the bank were worth as of December 31, 2018, unfortunately the last publicly available audit report of the bank. The epilogue is 100 thousand blocked accounts, forty thousand pensioners without their pensions, deceived savers and over 20 million euros in deposits that will remain uncovered. But at the same time, there is a suspicion of criminal and corrupt operations, said at today’s press conference, Gordana Dimitrieska Kochoska, VMRO-DPMNE chairman of the Commission for material financial operations.

She added that the real question in the 200 million euro affair is how the loans, which soon became bad loans, were approved and why it was silenced by at least three financial institutions in charge of controlling the banks. Is it true that in the affair Euro standard Bank worth 200 million euro, over 55 million euro of unsecured loans are distributed to various companies, including Strumica companies close to the Government? The public is interested in which are the companies that took money without coverage, or with overpriced mortgages.

– There is suspicion that real estate loans with unrealistic and over-estimated value are distributed in order to get more money. Let us remind that Zoran Zaev stated that he knew about the operation of the bank for a year, and the Minister of Finance took the savings of 250 thousand euros out of the bank on time. This is a corrupt case whose tentacles go to the highest Government structures, said Dimitrieska Kochoska