An alarming number of infected and dead: The state announced a worse scenario as it plans to return children to schools and kindergartens

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A possible scenario with the Covid-19 virus in the fall would mean higher concentration of people indoors, additional number of seasonal flu cases that could lead to overcrowding in hospitals with patients and it cannot be managed. This scenario, as the Minister of Health Venko Filipche emphasized yesterday, could have been avoided, but if that does not happen, the health authorities will be ready.

The second wave of the virus, according to Filipche, was the result of non-compliance with protection measures. He believes that there must be sanctions where the measures are not respected. In the past period, as he said, there were failures, people and places where events were organized were not controlled. Citizens must also be aware that measures must be followed to protect their own and public health.

For every patient with Covid-19, Filipche claims that everything has been done both in terms of the stages before the placement of the respiratory machine, and in terms of the treatment while the patients are on the respiratory machine.

He also announced yesterday that in the next week or two it would be known whether the kindergartens and schools would start working from September. The probability, as he said, is high, but to harmonize all protocols.

Parents whose children attend kindergartens have already been informed that the doors of preschool institutions will be open from September 1.

There is a lot of talk that instead of online classes, children go back to school.

The Ministry of Health reminded yesterday that the key to dealing with the virus is consistently to follow the protocols and protection measures by every citizen – wearing personal protective equipment – mask, maintaining a distance of two meters, frequent hygiene, and hand disinfection.