MES is also waiting for the position of SONK before announcing the protocols, published recommendations for cleaning the schools

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Pending the protocols with all the details on how the schools will work from September 1, the Ministry of Education and Science has published Guide with manual for maintenance of school buildings along with a video on how to clean and disinfect them.

The position of the working group of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Commission for Infectious Diseases is to monitor the teaching in the new school year 2020/2021 with the physical presence of students wherever there are conditions and depending on the epidemiological situation in a particular environment.

According to the announcement, the protocols should be adopted at a Government session, but it probably will not be at today because, as Deputy Minister of Education and Science Elizabeta Naumovska told MIA, they leave the Trade Union for Education and Science (SONK) to express their opinions on the teaching models that are proposed.

The President of SONK Jakim Nedelkov told MIA that they reacted that as a representative union they were not included in the working group of the Ministry of Education and Science to consult on the protocols, so it was agreed that tomorrow they will send an opinion to the Ministry of Education and Science.

According to him, the most important thing is safety – for teachers and all school staff, as well as students, and he believes that each municipality should make its own protocol according to its conditions, and online classes should be only where necessary.

Deputy Minister Naumovska today reiterated that what was previously announced remains – the protocols to be announced to the public on August 10, and school principals will have week to make plan for their school according to the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Science, said Naumovska, they best they know the situation at home and how to best manage the situation.