“Factor”: Here is how much the price of electricity increases

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Expensive and cheap tariffs remain, but the price of electricity for households increases by 7.5 percent. This is shown by the comparison of the official data from the draft decisions on the new and existing prices, all available on the website of the Energy Regulatory Commission.

The electricity price for household increases by 7.5 percent, and low and high tariffs remain, i.e. cheap and expensive electricity continues. This contains the proposal – the decision of the Energy Regulatory Commission – the Regulatory body that determines the tariff of EVN Home, the company that is supplier of electricity to households.

The draft decision is publicly available document that can be found on the website of the Energy Regulatory Commission. Today its chairman Marko Bislimoski will announce whether the prices of expensive and cheap electricity will be increased by 7.5 percent or will accept any of the complaints of the energy companies that require higher price increase due to rising costs.

According to publicly available data, the price for EVN Home is determined at average amount of 4.92 denar per kilowatt-hour of electricity. The high tariff, i.e. “Expensive electricity” in the future will cost 5.95 denar per kilowatt-hour and it is more expensive by 7.4 percent from the current price, which is 5.54 denar per kilowatt-hour. The “cheap electricity” or low tariff will again be 2.99 denar.
Today we will find out the officially accepted reasons for the increased electricity prices for households. Unofficially, they have been demanding bigger increases from energy-dependent energy companies due to rising costs.