VMRO-DPMNE asks if the Government is hiding companies: How comes they misused funds in the amount of half million euro?

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The policies and measures of Zaev’s Government are total fiasco. This refers to the latest scandal with the distribution of state aid to companies that in the end did not end with the workers, reads the statement of VMRO-DPMNE

– But there is well-founded suspicion that the scandal is much bigger. The question is whether Zaev’s Government hides companies that took aid and did not pay it to the workers? Why the list with incorrect data of companies that paid was published? Finally, the most important question, why for two that they presented different amounts, i.e. once said a million euro, and then the amount to be twice less or half a million euro. Zaev’s Government has been linked on many occasions to scandalous payments of state funds. Hence, it would not surprise us if due to such illogicality of half million euro, the real list of companies is hidden, which may include companies of party officials, said from VMRO-DPMNE.

The party says that the citizens, especially the workers, cannot be sure when it comes to measures and policies created by Zaev.