Is there bigger disgrace than what the investor of the illegal building in Chair has been looked for in the advertisement?!

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In the middle of Skopje, in front of the citizens, big illegal building is sprouting, but unbelievably, the state cannot find the owner.
To add to the irony, the investor of the illegal building in Chair is looked by the state!

The Municipality and the City of Skopje convince the public that they do not know who is building without permit at TC Mavrovka. Therefore, we say again, unbelievably, the Economic and Computer Crime Unit at the SIA Skopje joined the “search”.
From this sector of the Ministry of Interior, they say that they act for illegal construction activities in the area of the shopping centre Mavrovka and take appropriate measures and activities to determine the existence of elements of a crime that is prosecuted ex officio under Article 244-a “Illegal construction”.

The Ministry of Interior announced that the undertaken measures and activities were submitted to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje in writing in accordance with the Law on Criminal Procedure.

In the last few days, it is evident that the construction works of the Fontana building are interrupted, and on Friday, the 8-day deadline from the municipality of Chair began, informing the owner that the building is illegal and should be demolished.

While a solution is being found, the investor remains a mystery to the prosecution and the police – they say they are in the phase of gathering evidence to establish his identity. The mayor of Chair, Visar Ganiu, told Kanal 5 that he knew who the owner was and that he had already tried to contact him, but without success. He says that his identification is not in the competence of the municipality, but of the police.