SDSM Vice President Muhamed Zekiri believes that DUI is a chicken that dreams of millet

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“Hungry chicken dream of millet,” wrote yesterday the Vice President of SDSM, Muhamed Zekiri, on his Facebook profile.
This comment, according to some experts on the political situation, refers to the announcement in the Albanian language newspaper Koha that SDSM, DUI and DPA have reached an agreement on parliamentary majority, which provides for the Prime Minister to be from SDSM in the first three years, and in the fourth year Albanian Prime Minister.

His comment comes after the news that was already published by KURIR yesterday, and we convey it to you below:
The framework for Government cooperation for the next four years has already been set. The daily KOHA learns that the SDSM-BESA coalition will take over Ali Ahmeti’s coalition partner DUI, while Menduh Thachi will be part of the Government. With this, the parliamentary majority will have 62 deputies.

Officials from both political parties confirm for KOHA that the formalization of the coalition will take place after August 4, when Zaev, Ahmeti and Bilal Kasami are expected to formalize the next government at a public meeting.
KOHA also finds out that agreement has been reached for the Prime Minister, 3 years it will be from SDSM and 1 year from DUI. There is only time left to talk about which party will have the Prime Minister in the first year, told the senior officials from both sides to newspaper KOHA.

A senior SDSM official told the 360 Degrees portal that the party was against the concept of rotating Prime Minister, adding that talks on forming new majority would begin after August 4th, when party leader Zoran Zaev would return from vacation.
Zaev’s right hand man, Muhamed Zekiri, came out with the provocative message that “Hungry chicken dream of millet” and sent a message to Ali Ahmeti.

Zekiri never hid his impatience towards DUI and publicly declared messages that are insult and provocation. For example, Zekiri has stated that DUI is the cancer of the Macedonian society, that Ahmeti’s party is stabbing in the back, and that he wants a coalition for a Government without DUI.