The Organized Crime Prosecutor’s Office entered the SEC

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By order of a pre-trial judge, the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption with the assistance of the Department for Organized Crime in the Ministry of Interior entered the State Election Commission early in the morning to seize it, as SAKAMDAKAZHAM.MK reports, the documentation of the contract signed after negotiation without announcement with the computer company that failed to maintain and operate the site of the Commission on election day and the days after.

The prosecution previously announced that after announcing the final results of the early parliamentary elections, it will open case on the developments in the SEC, so as not to affect its work beforehand.
The procedure for procuring software for the SEC website on which the results of the early parliamentary elections were to be published live ended on July 8, 2020, when the appeal of I Vote, the company that maintained the SEC website without any problems, was rejected. since 2006, i.e. since the establishment of the SEC as permanent body.

The procurement of the software was conducted by negotiation without publishing announcement, and the company “Duna” was selected as the most favorable bidder. Both companies were invited to negotiations by the SEC on June 19, 2020, and the companies submitted bids the next day. The decision to select Duna was made on June 22, 2020. On the same day, I Vout filed an appeal, which was rejected by the State Public Procurement Appeals Commission as unfounded on July 8, 2020.

The documentation shows that the Computer Company “Duna”, which later won the annulled tender for the procurement of software for the website, did not sign a Statement of Seriousness, nor did it meet the three minimum requirements, according to the complaint accepted by the State Public Appeals Commission. procurement.

The hacker group AnonopsMKD also reported that they did not hack the system, but that someone inside with permission to enter, fact that they noticed through their systems.