Boki revealed: I had reception and support from Zaev for the project

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Bojan Jovanovski revealed the names from the Government that supported him in the project for construction of European Center for Adults. He claims that it was sustainable project that was recognized by businessmen who voluntarily wanted to participate in the construction.

Boki says that he has not taken penny from the state budget and that he is proud of that.

“My contract with CC Pelister did not fall from the sky but was through intermediaries, and the real mediators will be found out through criminal charges. Mila Carovska brought Liljana Todorovska who is the author of the project with me. I had the reception and support from Zoran Zaev and Oliver Spasovski,” said Jovanovski.

So he once again asked for his cell phone to be examined to see whom he had meet and contacted with.