Ruskoska: We have evidence that Boki took about a million euros from Micevski and Amzoski

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Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska presented Tuesday the indictment in the “International Association” case. She claims that they have irrefutable evidence for the crimes the defendants are charged with.

Ruskoska says that forming an NGO is a humanitarian act, but to base it on a lie, that the EU is behind it, is a peak of a deviant mind.

She explained that the International Association was properly formed and initially helped vulnerable groups, until the moment when they intended to build retirement homes.

For that purpose, 719,000 euros were taken from businessman Siljan Micevski, and 233,821 euros from Ardijan Amzoski. The defendant Remenski was in the company of Jovanovski at the meetings with the businessmen, in order to show seriousness in the whole project.

We have evidence that the money ended up with Bojan Jovanovski, and the injured parties never asked for the money and never asked how is the project going, explained Ruskoska.