The family doctors are protesting against the ignorant attitude of the Government

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The family doctors are protesting today due to the ignorant attitude of the Government. The announcement of the protest says:
“Today from 14:00 to 14:30, under the protective equipment we have bought for ourselves, print our slogan on piece of paper and express our dissatisfaction, by everyone going out in front of their office!

We protest against the scandalous ignorant attitude towards us and the lack of any support from the family doctor system, from the beginning of the pandemic until today!
We are looking for:

1. Emergency help in medical protective equipment, disinfectants, etc.
2. We seek the right to refer patients for testing at our discretion as physicians, not by the algorithm
3. We request that there must be member representative of the family doctors in the commission for infectious diseases
4. Stop any “reforms” announced for 01.07, unseen precedent in the midst of a pandemic.
5. We ask for help in the form of immediate engagement of young colleagues who will immediately join the system, and are currently sitting at home without work

Post pictures of individual protests under the hash tag:

“Enough # Enough!” Write the family doctors.