Today, 716 people with COVID-19 and people in self-isolation will vote, tomorrow 8,852 sick, vulnerable and chronically ill

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The Municipal Election Commissions have accepted 716 requests from people who are positive for the coronavirus or are in self-isolation for the voting that will be conducted today as part of the early parliamentary elections on Wednesday, July 15th.

Over 770 such requests have been received by the MEC, and out of 80 municipalities, in 57 municipalities where are living people with Covid-19 and people in self-isolation will vote.

Tomorrow, the sick, the vulnerable, the chronically ill, people in prisons, nursing homes and under house arrest will vote.
According to the information from the SEC, the MEC received 9,499 applications from sick, vulnerable, and chronically ill people and 8,852 people were approved the right to vote i.e. who, in accordance with the Commission’s instructions submitted appropriate medical documentation to prove that they needed to vote at home. Election boards will conduct voting tomorrow.
By comparison, at the last election only 3,540 sick and vulnerable people registered to vote.

Voting will take place on Wednesday, July 15th at 3,480 polling stations in the country’s six constituencies. In 90 polling stations, less than 10 voters will be able to exercise their right to vote in the nearest polling station. Citizens will be able to vote for 1,578 candidates from 15 parties and coalitions. 1,814,263 people have the right to vote.