Is SDSM setting up Culev with the curfew for the Bajram holiday?

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Is the government playing games with the curfew for the religious Bajram holiday. First, the IRC, and then VMRO-DPMNE, strongly opposed restricting the movement from 7 pm on Saturday until 5 am on Tuesday.

But the government has remained silent to appeals that the Islamic community doesn’t need to spend their holiday in lockdown same as the Orthodox believers who were prevent from visiting church for the Easter holiday.

Is a game being played in which the Minister of Interior Nake Culev will be pointed out that he is not sanctioning the citizens who will not break the curfew?

Even now there are announcements that there will be curfew violation. The IRC made this clear in a statement that it would not prevent believers from visiting mosques for the holiday.

In addition, a religious gathering is being announced for Sunday at the stadium in Cair and great care must be taken not to provoke tensions if police try to stop it.

As we have learned, Minister Culev is against the long curfew, but still the Government is persistent in its intention. The decision is to be made today.