Mickoski: If SDSM wants elections in June, good luck to them

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Opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski noted that just today Macedonia had two Covid-19 deaths and 22 newly infected cases, and warned that it is not serious to hold elections in early summer, as the ruling SDSM party demands.

If they (SDSM) decide to go to the polls in June, good luck to them, Mickoski said, after noting how serious the situation with the coronavirus is.

The second meeting of party leaders, convened by President Stevo Pendarovski, also included the smaller, ethnic Albanian parties. During his interview with Sitel TV, Mickoski said that they were open to various dates, both in June, July, August and September, some equally prepared to accept a summer and an autumn date.

SDSM insists that the preparations for the elections, originally scheduled for April 12, can simply resume where they left off as soon as President Stevo Pendarovski, an SDSM loyalist, lifts the state of emergency. According to VMRO, the election date should be decided by consensus, and placing the elections in June would mean exceptionally low turnout and open the door to electoral theft by the SDSM led Government.