It’s fake news is that the Minister of Interior, Nake Culev, purchased expensive phones

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It is fake news that the Minister of Interior, Nake Culev, was buying expensive phones, which is an attempt to cover up irregularities and suspicions of crime by Oliver Spasovski.

The spread of fake news has become a habit of pro-government media outlets that are run by a center of power and share false information in order to defocus citizens from the poor policies that the government led by Oliver Spasovski has been creating throughout the past period.

Several media outlets spread the news yesterday that Minister Culev had purchased phones worth 170 thousand denars. This news was expressly denied by the Ministry of Interior, but they forgot in the news to mention the crimes committed by Oliver Spasovski while he was Minister of Interior.

Probably the crimes worth millions for the purchase of military boots, the abuse of the procedure for procurement of personal documents and car parts, the disputed tender for servicing and all this information is not only not denied by the structures close to the government in the Ministry of Interior, but proceedings have already been initiated against them by the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office.

This begs the question: Is crime the purchase of mobile phones as subsidies and for which the Ministry of Interior has not spent a single penny or the procurement of passports worth 12 million euros. Is crime a video that costs 300 euros or a flight of the director of the Public Security Bureau to Ohrid that costs 300 euros. Is the abuse of police officers is “thank you” or the purchase of boots that are several levels of lower quality than those provided by law.