Will Constitutional Court reconvene Parliament to confirm government’s decrees during state of emergency?

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Somehow unnoticed and with a few lines statement passed the information from the Constitutional Court that the initiative for assessing the constitutionality and legality of the Decision for dissolution of the Assembly is being considered.

Based on the discussions of the judges, as well as the importance of the case, it was decided to continue the session in the coming days, about which the public will be notified in time. The Constitutional Court, even in a state of emergency, continues to perform its constitutional competencies and monitors and analyzes the situation with the adoption of the decrees that have the force of law by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, reads the court’s statement.

This possibility was announced two weeks ago by the Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi. He explained that the Government cannot annul the decision for the self-dissolution of the Parliament with a decree, that it is in the sole competence of the Constitutional Court.

If the Constitutional Court overturns the decision of the MPs for self-dissolution, then they could immediately return to work and the Parliament becomes active again.

As there is an ongoing state of emergency and the Government’s is passing decrees that must be approved by Parliament as soon as it is convened.

During the state of emergency, the government made several controversial decisions, such as the decision to pay salaries to the former SPO, as well as to print new money featuring the country’s new name.

If the Parliament reconvenes, all other decrees should be approved by the Members of Parliament.