Culev handed over protective equipment to medical staff at “8 September” hospital and Emergency Center

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Today, on behalf of the Ministry of Interior, Minister Nake Culev handed over protective equipment for the medical staff at the 8 September hospital, the Public Health Institute and to PHI UC TOARICEC (Emergency Center).

Doctors and medical staff give their best and put their health on the line to save as many lives as possible. Together with the police, they are on the frontline of the battle we must all win. That is why they deserve all our respect, but also all our help and support that we can provide them. Their health and safety are essential at the moment. We must not allow them to fight the virus unprotected. A n infected doctor means dozens of endangered patients. The health authorities’ management with the current situation is becoming increasingly difficult. We have in our hands the strongest weapon to stop the spread of the virus, and that is to maintain social distance. I appeal to the citizens to respect the measures for movement restrictions.