Filipce to health workers: Your sacrifice saves lives, you are the heroes in this battle

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In a video message on World Health Day observed on 7 April, Health Minister Venko Filipce Tuesday expressed his gratitude towards health workers for their vital role in healthcare service delivery in the country.

In these moments, facing the world’s biggest health challenge, we are leading the battle of our generation. Coronavirus has radically changed our everyday lives and will make lasting changes in our lives. But, in this battle you are the heroes. Your commitment and sacrifice save lives and because of you people believe that they will be safe and healthy, Filipce said in a message.

Now, Filipce said, healthcare system and healthcare workers are the key pillar in the country.

I know that at the moment you bear the heavy burden. The fatigue is not slowly reaching everyone, and more difficult days are ahead of us. But I believe that each of you knows how important it is to endure, to stay focused and to do our best to help the people, he said.

He advised healthcare workers that it is now very important to take care of themselves and their health.

You are at the frontline in the fight against virus and you need to protect yourself. Protect yourself in the workplace and at all times without exception. To be able to care for patients, you need to take care of yourself, he noted.

Today is your day, and be proud of what you do, who you are and how important you are to each of us, he said, extending his sincere appreciation to healthcare workers for everything necessary they do to overcome the crisis.