Dimitrievski: We are left on our own, more tests need to be performed

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Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski in Monday’s interview with “Top Tema” said that the city is left on its own.

It’s not just about social assistance and packages. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy is absolutely absent. It does not attend any session of the municipal headquarters for protection and rescue. Headquarters are simply seen as second level, Dimitrievski said.

He appealed to perform as many tests as possible.

It’s one thing what is happening in the offices, but it’s another on the ground. We asked representatives of the Ministry of Health and the Commission for Infectious Diseases to come and visit our Kumanovo hospital to determine the capacities because it provides care for a wider region. But unfortunately this is the second day that we do not have any answer, said Dimitrievski.