Szijjarto expects that Macedonia will open EU accession talks no later than June

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Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, who is in Macedonia to deliver a package of aid to help fight the coronavirus, said that he expects the opening of EU accession talks to occur no later than June.

Macedonia finally received the political approval to open accession talks, after years of obstruction from Greece, and more recently from France. Szijjarto pointed to the fact that the Hungarian appointed Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi stands strongly in favor of bringing new countries to the EU. In a joint press conference with Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, Szijjarto said that Hungary is a neighbor to the Western Balkans, and believes that integration of the region to the EU will help with a host of issues, including stopping the movement of illegal migrants. He also informed the public of the fact that Hungary is receiving solid amounts of medical help from China, and has set up a production line of its own, and therefore has enough material to share with friendly countries like Macedonia.

Dimitrov expressed his gratitude to Szijjarto and described his visit as a symbol of European solidarity.