Szijjarto: I’m here on invitation from Mickoski, who asked for our assistance

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I’m here on the invitation of VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski, who asked for our assistance, said Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, who delivered a significant package of medical assistance to Macedonia today. Szijjarto held a joint press conference with Mickoski, after delivering the 100.000 masks and 5.000 medical protective gear that will be used by the Macedonian doctors and nurses.

I have to express my gratitude to the invitation from Hristijan, to come to the headquarters of our sister party VMRO. The reason why I came here today was a phone call from Hristijan last week when he expressed that there is a need for humanitarian assistance from Hungary, in order to make your protection and defense efforts against the pandemic more successful. We have decided to help the friendly people of “North” Macedonia, and today I brought 100.000 masks and 5.000 overalls. We could afford that since the air bridge between Hungary and the Peoples’ Republic of China is going very well and we have both a complete production line from the Chinese and we can start producing our masks on our own. On the other hand, as I handed over this assistance to your Minister of Interior I understand it will help your police officers do their job in more safe circumstances, and this is very important for us because your policemen are protecting your southern border in order to tackle the migration crisis, Szijjarto said.

The Hungarian Minister added that Hungary has rotated more than 1.300 police officers to protect the border between Macedonia and Greece from illegal migrants.

A friend in need is a friend indeed and Macedonia has friends. My gratitude to the Hungarian people who in these difficult times provided us with their most welcome assistance, for our medical professionals at the front lines. My gratitude goes to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. This is the first bilateral visit after the borders were closed due to the escalation of the coronavirus pandemic. We are grateful for the speedy response of the Hungarian Government after I contacted them last week and told them we need assistance, Mickoski responded.

He urged that political considerations are placed aside and that all parties focus on providing assistance that will save lives during the pandemic. “I will continue to lobby and contact other sides, within our abilities”, Mickoski said. The opposition leader announced that VMRO will submit a proposal for financial reward for the doctors and nurses who are involved in the crisis.

Minister Szijjarto said that Hungary will continue to work toward the opening of EU accession talks. “We Hungarians are happy to have some contribution to the success of your EU accession efforts given the fact that now there is a Hungarian Commissioner who is responsible for enlargement. I can say, finally a Commissioner for enlargement who is in favor of enlargement”, Szijjarto added.