Anesthesiologist, gynecologist and nurse from the “Plodnost” hospital in Bitola infected with Covid-19, hospital director calls for mass testing

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Three of the staff at the Bitola Hospital “Plodnost” tested positive for the coronavirus. It is about two doctors – an anesthesiologist and a gynecologist and a nurse. The anesthesiologist and the nurse three days ago had fever and mild cough for one day and are now in good health condition, the hospital informed via social networks.

The director of the “Plodnsot” hospital in Bitola, Tase Trpcevski, a few days ago, said in a video address to the public, that the hospital will be closed and will not work until April 13, due to a case of a coronavirus-infected doctor. The number of infected at the hospital has now risen to four.

The director informed that he wants all the hospital staff to be tested as the gynecologist was asymptomatic carrier of the virus and showed no symptoms at all.

He urges the health minister to leave the WHO recommendations and richer countries to test only symptomatic patients and those with positive epidemiological history.

This will reduce the number of asymptomatic carriers of the virus that are now freely walking around the city and are potential carriers. They are the most dangerous to the environment. It is much easier when you find the infected person. There are many more infected in Macedonia than detected. We need more testing. I don’t know why we don’t have mass testing, he said.