Mickoski: Less than a third of companies are expected to meet the requirements of Zaev and Spasovski

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VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski was asked today whether under the conditions offered by the government for private companies to use 14,500 MKD from the government even less than a third of private companies will qualify for the assistance.

Mickovski belives that there will be far fewer companies that will meet these conditions as this subsidy is linked to the number of effective working hours for April and May.

If in April you can’t go to work and work effectively because of the state of emergency and if that emergency continues for at least another month, let’s say by the second half of May how will the company use them because the employee will have zero effective working hours. Zero multiplied by 14,500 is zero so the measure is hypocritical and you won’t hear it in Zoran Zaev’s press and in Oliver Spasovski’s press. You can hear it here and this is the hypocrisy we hear today, and a week ago we heard from Zoran Zaev. There are not measures, this should look like measures, as I suppose some pro-government media will portray as measures, while this is essentially nothing. This is essentially nothing because no one affected by this emergency and unfortunately the pandemic you are seeing is increasing day by day and more victims and more people get infected and affected, Mickoski said.