VMRO-DPMNE gives up state funding, but SDSM doesn’t give up Government officials’ salaries

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VMRO-DPMNE President Christian Mickoski a week ago informed that he would support Justice Minister Renata Deskoska’s proposal to give up political party funding for this year, but in return, she urged ministers, deputies, and secretaries of state to end of the term of office to work pro bono, i.e. without any compensation.

– Minister Deskoska’s intention is not to save money in the budget. The VMRO-DPMNE will welcome both the previous and these elections as the only party in Europe with illegally frozen property and no paid operating money. And we manage in the way we manage. Deskoska’s intention is different. I will support her, but I am motivating her and her brother-in-law who are extremely high-income, as well as other cabinet ministers, while their mandate to work pro bono. To give up privileges, high salaries, royalties, luxury. Let’s see Deskoska and other ministers and officials from SDSM to make them available to the state interest. I urge her to be encouraged. VMRO-DPMNE ministers will support her. All deputy ministers, state secretaries, appointed officials to work pro bono, said Mickoski.
SDSM officials seem to like a lot the “sweet money” and none of them have publicly said that they are giving up their salaries. And, as the citizens already know, it’s about really big salaries, money that at this time of great crisis can help where it is most needed.
VMRO-DPMNE in the statement said: Until this happens, the hypocrisy of Deskoska, Spasovski, and all Zaev’s company is revealed, all the incompetence of Zaev’s Government is revealed.

They also revealed what are the salaries of some SDSM officials:

– At the same Government session to discuss the voluntary waiver of Renata Deskoska’s salary of 70,000 denars, Deskoska’s cousin, Nikolche Tasevski, who will waive his 188,000 denars salary, Oliver Spasovski and his 90,000 denars, Radmila Shekerinska and her 80.000 denars. We call on discussing the Law on the financing of political parties. Not to forget Damjan Manchevski who will give up 70,000 denars, Mila Carovska from 74,000 denars and Robert Popovski from 72,000 denars and Nikola Dimitrov from 72,000 denars, they revealed.