Issued 368 isolation decisions in the past 24 hours and 82 self-isolation statements

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In the past 24 hours, according to the MOI records, 368 persons have been issued isolation decisions on the territory of the country, 82 have signed statements of self-isolation, and the police services have carried out inspections and only one case of person who has not respected self-isolation.

– In addition to this, the police, in cooperation with other institutions in the past day and night, also conducted control over 222 catering and other facilities, and in three cases for three facilities were found non-compliance with Government measures and decisions, informed MOI.

Regarding the control of the traffic ban from 21 to 05 o’clock it was found that 66 persons did not respect the ban and 37 persons were detained and for the others minutes were made and appropriate reports will be filed.