Government lied last week, “spokesman” Zaev said: Not 700 million, they wanted to borrow 1.2 billion euro

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Last week, Kurir sent question to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, asking if the information that the Government plans to borrow 700 million euro is correct.

The answer we received was short and clear: “Your information is completely untrue.”

Today, on two occasions, once at the “Morning Briefing” and the second at press conference on ex Bihakjka, at the headquarters of SDSM, Zaev confirmed that the Government requested to borrow 1.2 billion euro, but managed to get only 600 million euro? !

Here is what Zaev said: “We are missing out on billions euro to cover the damages. We asked for one billion and 200 million euro, and we found only 600 million. The big states have taken the money and now there are no cheap loans.”

The first question is why the Government, which has repeatedly boasted of alleged transparency, has lied that the information about large borrowing is untrue.

The second more crucial question is who is Zoran Zaev as the leader of the party as spokesman for the executive branch to announce how much the Government has borrowed and whose technical prime minister is Oliver Spasovski, or at least it should be. At least this should have been announced by Ministers Nina Angelovska or Mila Caroska.

Apart from revealing the lie of the Government, which borrowed 600 million euro (we find out from Zoran Zaev ?!) and demanded 1.2 billion, while denying that it will borrow 700 million, Zaev today proved and showed that the current ministers are only puppets, and he is the man (and not so in the shadow) who still leads this Government (with the honourable exception of Interior Minister Nake Chulev), and the ministers from his party only listen to him indiscriminately, giving him opportunity to inform on Government decisions and measures.

Even the DUI ministers opposed Zaev and SDSM. Minister Bekteshi from DUI said he and his party disagreed with the pay cuts for administration announced by Zaev.