Chulev visits police officers who secure state quarantine

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Today I visited the police officers who secure the persons placed in state quarantine in the centre of Skopje. The 14 day quarantine is introduced for all Macedonian citizens who for various reasons could not return to our country.

Transport from the border crossing to the quarantine facility is carried out by authorized carrier designated by the General Secretariat of the Government, and the Ministry of the Interior maintains the transport from the border crossing to the quarantine facility.

I was introduced by the police officers with the protocols they follow in order to ensure smooth functioning in line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and other relevant health institutions.

Police officers are stationed at the entrance to the hotel and on all floors to guarantee and maintain order at the facility. I appealed to them to take care of their health and their lives, as well as to make them fully available to the citizens accommodated in the quarantine facility.

Currently, the members of the Ministry of Interior are providing security for seven facilities, and as of today, about 250 people have been placed in state quarantine, which returned from foreign countries, wrote MoI technical minister Nake Chulev on his Facebook profile.