Raufi: There are prisoners with coronavirus and the state is hiding it

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Government measures to protect against coronavirus should also be implemented in the judiciary, says lawyer Nasser Raufi.

According to him, the tightened agenda in the courts poses potential risk of contagion, as well as the spread of Covid-19 for both lawyers and judges and prosecutors.

Raufi pointed out that there are prisoners who are very ill and no doctors go to inspect them, and that the state is hiding this.

He is even convinced that there are prisoners who are infected with the new coronavirus, but that they do not have any medical treatment.

Raufi appeals to the authorities to audit the prisons and give the prisoners proper medical treatment.

– Certainly the court hearings should be postponed. Only in those cases where the lawyers insist, I mean the detention cases that the lawyer or the defendant insists on holding, the others all have to be postponed. And the prisons need to be audited; there are very sick people there. There are also patients with the new coronavirus and the authorities are hiding it because they have no conditions to treat them, said lawyer Raufi.

He noted that there are other very serious diseases such as hepatitis, and said that they should be released either under house arrest or imprisonment.

The Criminal Procedure Code, Raufi says, also provides for home arrest, not just home detention.