Chulev: I will not allow police officers to insult citizens, they will be sanctioned

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In relation with the information and photos published in some media that depict individuals wearing police uniforms and are stating offenses related to the Government decision aimed at preventing the spread of the COVID 19 virus, I inform the public that :
The Ministry of Interior immediately took all necessary actions to establish the actual situation and to sanction the perpetrators.
He pointed out that at one of the joint photographs the Ministry of Interior determined that they were authorized police officers and that according to the legal provisions appropriate actions would be taken by the Department of Internal Control and Professional Standards, and the outcome would be timely announced before the public.
While at the photo where there is only one person, the Ministry of Interior has determined that he is not police officer, but citizen for whom immediate measures have been taken and after the conversation, appropriate misdemeanor charges will be filed pursuant to Article 23 of the Law on Misdemeanors in the amount of 600 to 800 euro fine for misrepresenting at social networks as police officer.
I urge citizens and law enforcement officers to be extremely careful with the content and posts on social networks and also point out that all those who violate the reputation of the police will be severely punished, wrote on his Facebook profile the technical minister at MoI Nake Chulev.