A citizen from Ohrid did not respect the duty for self-isolation

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The Ohrid Public Prosecutor’s Office has submitted Proposal for Penal Order against a person aged 61, resident of Ohrid who has committed the crime – Failure to comply with health regulations during epidemic under Article 206 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.
– On March 19th the defendant was issued decision by the Ministry of Health, the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate in order to timely undertake special anti-epidemic measures to protect the population from the spread of the dangerous disease caused by coronavirus. He had previous contact with person with COVID 19, and was placed under 14-day medical supervision with the obligation to be in home isolation due to the risk of further spreading the disease. But on March 21st the defendant left his home and went in unknown direction, informed from the Prosecutor’s Office.
With the Proposal for the issuance of penalty order, the Public Prosecutor requested the court to sentence the defendant to fine of 100 daily fines, each of which would amount to 20 euro in denar equivalent.