Culev: Number of self-isolation orders rises to 8,709

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Interior Minister Nake Culev said on TV Telma that the police had a difficult task given that they were involved in controlling people with self-isolation orders. The number of people in self-isolation in recent days has risen to 8709, he said.

It’s a big number and that number is growing. It is especially growing on the territory of the city of Skopje, which is normal, Skopje is the largest city and has the largest number of cases at the moment. And I can say that so far 87 people have been found to have disregarded these measures of self-isolation and isolation and 113 criminal charges have been filed, 19 of which under Article 205 and 95 under Article 206, says Culev.

According to the latest decision of the Government, Culev said that people who will violate the measure of self-isolation will receive criminal charges under Article 206 and will be placed under mandatory quarantine and will pay the costs themselves.