The police is getting serious – fines for restaurants, companies and individuals who violate the epidemic restrictions

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After a brief warning period, police officers have been actively fining owners of establishments and individuals who are violating the curfew imposed because of the coronavirus.

A family from Bitola faces 12.000 EUR in fines after they were found violatng their order to self-isolate at home. The couple and their 17-year-old son returned to Bitola from Italy and are therefore considered high risk and were ordered to self-isolate, but refused to do so.

In Kumanovo, three persons are charged for violating the self-quarantine order, while a third opened up his restaurant for seated customers, which is currently strictly forbidden.

Meanwhile, labour inspectors have received over 500 complaints from workers who say that their employers refuse to allow them to avoid work as parents of children under the age of 10, or due to chronic illness. These categories of workers were allowed to remain at home, work from home if possible, and can claim protection if their employer tries to fire them. Other complaints received by labour inspectors include failure to limit the number of employees, to provide proper distance at the workplace and to disinfect the work area.