There is no end of scandals: The Octopus “grabbed” the friends of Zaev

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Zoran Zaev’s scandals with the public procurement in Strumica continue. They are bigger than anyone’s expectations. On this way, VMRO-DPMNE continues with the discovery of scandals involving public procurement in Strumica.

In addition follows the press conference integral text held by Alexander Kolev from VMRO – DPMNE.

Zoran Zaev forgot him-self and considered Municipality Strumica for his private asset, the taxpayers’ money for his own which he can operate without regard to any moral standards.

Today we will present new documents for procurement directly from Municipality Strumica, procurement that was obtained by firm close to Zoran Zaev and his family.

Namely, the huge procurement was signed with Javor-Shped, company at that time owned by Goran Krstev, and now owned by his father Simeon Krstev.

What’s  it all about?

The company Javor-Shped Ltd. on 10th of October 2008 signed contract for public procurement with the Municipality of Strumica with amount of 18,234,587 MKD for the period when Goran Krastev was the owner of this company.

Even though Goran Krastev in Strumica is known as a personal friend of Zoran Zaev, is also business partner and co-partner of Zoran Zaev’s brother, Vice Zaev for the company “Sarah Javor Strumica Engineering LLC Strumica” for which we informed you in the one of the previous press conferences. They have financial ventures with family Zaev.

The company that won the contract is called Javor-Shped, while the joint company with Vice Zaev is called Sarah Javor Engineering LLC Strumica. ”

This public procurement is not given to the Zoran Zaev brother’s firm, but it is given to the company of his co-partner. Translucent and naive. Now we all have to believe that everything is clear.

Their business and private relations date back long time ago. As media informed, Goran Krstev is one of the people whose company built the mall Global. Al old partner of Zoran Zaev.

This case of public procurement with the firm Javor Shped shows that despite the immediate family in the  Zoran Zaev’s system are involved and their partners and co-partners. Thus Zoran Zaev had abused the Law on Public Procurement, but cannot sell his personal, moral and political responsibility.

What at least Zoran Zaev could do this time is to feign the public, to which is already crystal clear that he has a planned system for pumping taxpayers’ money by the companies of the Clan of Zaev.

In this way Zoran Zaev declared him-self as successful businessman. With violation and misuse of laws every citizen of Macedonia can create a business empire as the Zaev’s Clan. But there was no such case so far. Zoran Zaev overcame them all.

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