Dimitrov: So far 2,300 citizens abroad have reported that they want to come back home

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We appealed to our citizens who are in other countries to report to the diplomatic missions so that the state can organize their return home.

So far we have 2,300 people reported worldwide, mostly in European countries.

We discussed this at a government meeting and we were tasked, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, with organizing humanitarian flights to bring our citizens home.

A body is also being established which will be in charge of the mandatory state quarantine. Based on public health legislation, the government has decided that everyone who comes will be in state quarantine for 15 days. This is to protect the other national interest, that is, the protection of the health of all who are already in their homeland.

Dimitrov called all those who have not reported to the diplomatic missions to do so by e-mail and phone until Sunday at 6 pm.

We must have precise data to organize transportation, Dimitrov said.

In agreement with Montenegro, we attempted to bring citizens stuck in Istanbul with a state flight from Montenegro. As soon as we informed them that they would be placed in state quarantine, no one wanted to board the flight. If this is an indication, the figure may drop, the minister said.