Infomax reveals serious issues with the planned purchase of Brazilian respirators

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The Infomax news site, which has faced the ire of the Zaev regime for reporting on its corruption, says that their reporting is now vindicated in another scandal – the procurement of Brazilian respirators at greatly inflated prices. Infomax editor Aleksandar Mitovski, who was recently given a suspended sentence of six months in prison for reporting on Zaev’s involvement in the Racket scandal, asked Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce about the problematic procurement of respirators that would be used in case the number of coronavirus patients escalates.

Yesterday Filipce brushed off Mitovski’s question and a number of social media commentators close to the ruling SDSM party launched a campaign against Mitovski for even asking the question. Filipce said that the procurement process for available machines is still being on-going and that the bidding where the prices can be reduced is yet to happen.

But today he informed that the Government has already signed a contract with the Brazilian MagnaMed company for 50 machines and even described the shipment as stuck by the Brazilian Government, with efforts being made on our part to have them released. Mitovski asked the Minister how is it possible that the purchase went from still being agreed and in the bidding stage on Thursday to finalized on Friday.

I understand that this is a state of emergency, but we journalists must not let go of the reins. We are the only element of checks and balances on the Government, Mitovski said.

The documents Infomax published reveal that the price of the devices is greatly inflated and even taking into account the dramatic demand for respirators, three other companies have made bids too, and two of them made lower offers. The lowest offer came from General Electric it was significantly lower than the Brazilian offer. The issue was also raised by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party today.