Minister Culev is in favor of an evening curfew, says he often has difficulty communicating with the rest of he Government

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Interior MInister Nake Culev came out in favor of declaring an evening curfew, given how many citizens have adopted a lax attitude toward the recommendation to remain in their homes and practice social distancing. While many people can be seen walking around the country during the day to catch the sun but also keeping their distance, in the evenings youths have been seen partying in parks and rented homes, making full advantage of the unexpected spring break.

As Minister I’m in favor of the strictest possible measures. That is the only way to stop the spread. I believe we need to restrict the movement of the citizens, especially in the evening hours, to stop the evening gatherings. This is being discussed at the Government level and it is possible such measures are adopted in the coming days, Culev said.

He accused the SDSM party led Government of keeping him out of the loop, even though he runs one of the most important departments in the country. Culev was appointed to the Government by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party, as part of the rules meant to ensure the fairness of the elections that were planned for April 12.

I have to say that I don’t feel as one of the equals during the Government sessions. As you can see, I haven’t held a single press conference in the Government. We communicate, but it is difficult and takes time. A mundane example, the members of the Government have set up a Viber group to exchange information and I was not let in the group. Some of my proposals are adopted, others are rejected and when I’m against a proposal, I’m voted out, Culev said.

He confirmed that one employee of the Interior Ministry has been diagnosed with the coronavirus so far. It’s an IT technician and not a line officer.