Government orders police to patrol the cities, extends validity of identity documents and foreigner residency permits

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Interior Minister Nake Culev informed the public that the Government adopted its first measures under the state of emergency powers. These include extending the validity of expiring personal identity documents – in order to prevent forcing people to try and replace them and suspending the law on public gatherings and protests.

Other measures that were adopted include extending the allowed stay of foreign citizens who have a valid residency permit and extending the deadlines for passing the driving exam.

Culev also said that the riot police unit will be used to patrol streets and order people who gather in groups to disperse. Gatherings of people over five are strongly discouraged and this especially applies to late-night parties that have been held across the country by the youth who found themselves in an unexpected spring break.

The resources the Interior Ministry has been sufficient. The rapid deployment unit will patrol between noon and midnight to disperse groups of citizens. Sadly some citizens are not up to the task and the Government has been forced to adopt such measures, Culev said.