Interior Minister Culev proposes a set of measures to combat the coronavirus

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The Interior Ministry informs that it is organizing a convoy to escort 32 Albanian citizens and 20 Kosovan citizens out of Macedonia from the Skopje airport to the appropriate border crossings. The passengers flew into Skopje and taking them home is meant to reduce the risk of the coronavirus.

Minister Nake Culev also announced that he will propose that the public administrations change its work hours to the 7:30-18:30 schedule in Skopje, and 7:30-16:30 in other cities, given an analysis of public needs at this time.

The Ministry will also propose that the military assumes the obligation to fully patrol the border along with the two crossings with Albania near Debar, where a lockdown is in effect after a dozen coronavirus cases. This will allow the border police to dedicate to helping the citizens.