Gasoline, diesel prices drop as of Monday

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As of Monday midnight, the prices of gasoline fuels will drop by MKD 7.5 and diesel by MKD 6 per liter, as a result of the sharp decline in crude oil prices on world stock markets due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The decision shows that our methodology operates effectively in practice and is consumer-oriented. The price of EUROSUPER BS 95 and 98 are to drop by MKD 7.5 and of EURODIESEL by MKD 6. This is lower than the record decrease in 2008 when the prices of gasoline dropped by MKD 7 and diesel by MKD 5.5, said Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Chairman Marko Bislimoski, adding that the price of gasoline and diesel is lower than countries in the region.

Bislimoski said that the electric power system, heating system and water supply are operating with no problems.