Racket trial continues substance free, with another character witnesses called up by Boki 13

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The Racket trial is set to continue today, with the defense calling up Aleksandar Radulovic, the husband of Serbian song writer Marina Tucakovic. It’s believed that Radulovic will be another of the character witnesses who are meant to show one of the suspects, Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, as a charitable person and a close friend of the family.

Similar character witnesses used so far were the stylist Sergej Varoslija, one of the doctors who cared for Boki 13 and gallery owner Aleks Krtov. More substantial testimonies of witnesses called up by the defense, such as businessmen Vladimir Todorovic and Dejan Pandeleski were postponed. Marija Jankovska was also presented mostly as a character witness, despite the fact that she is closely linked to the other trial against Boki 13 and is a close relative of Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska – a fact that was pointed out by another defendant Frosina Remenski.