Promotion of monograph “The First Principle-Drawing” by Macedonian artist Maria Pavlovska

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Monograph “The First Principle-Drawing” by prominent Macedonian artist Maria Pavlovska will be promoted at the “Osten” Gallery on February 20.

It is a doctoral thesis “The drawing as the foundation of all art works through historical periods and artistic styles ” under the Mentor Prof. Dr. Kokan Grcev, translated into a Monograph entitled THE FIRST PRINCIPLE – THE DRAWING.

The subject of the research of this work by Dr. Maria Pavlovska research the problem, content and importance of the visual linear record: the drawing, treated and understood as a primary visual record and document that consequently influences the development of all other visual disciplines: painting, sculpture and architecture. In doing so, the historical development of the drawing phenomenon is set in the context of a proper exploration of the visual artwork. This research particularly emphasizes the importance of drawing as the primary structure of any work of art, giving the drawing itself the meaning and function to persist and be recognized as an autonomous document, an autonomous visual form. By focusing on the drawing and trying to place it at the core of the visual disciplines, research leads to an appropriate level of understanding of structure, definition, importance, primacy, stability, power of drawing and its development as basic elements of the topic, Prof. Dr. Kokan Grcev says.